Over the last two years, the Task Force has been commissioned to find a plan for Northminster that will include a viable financial future. As we all know, our building is too large and expensive for what our congregation needs, and you have been receiving updates from the Task Force and guiding their decisions along the way.

It has also been widely communicated that Northminster, despite the financial generosity of the congregation, continues to run a significant deficit, leading to the erosion of our savings. These savings will be depleted in two years time. This emphasizes the need for the Task Force to continue its important work.

The committee has been having discussions with Joe Belland of StonePoint Realty with respect to the sale of our building, as well as possible future properties and facility possibilities for Northminster.

With respect to the sale process, Joe Belland has had showings with three different church groups interested in Northminster. One of the churches liked the facility however felt the sanctuary was too small for their congregation and parking would be an issue. Another church is interested, however they have an historical building and are working on a financial plan with Joe that may allow them to make an offer to purchase Northminster.

The other church has toured Northminster multiple times and is very interested in purchasing our facility. They have a building that they need to sell and are working on obtaining the finances needed to make an offer on our church. Joe does feel quite confident and optimistic about this group.

We have discussed various options we would have if we sold our facility and the amount of funds we would have depending on what we got from the sale of our church. The options we have been in discussion with Joe are: do we purchase land and build a stand-alone facility or do we purchase an existing facility such as a high quality office space or a building in a low industrial area? If we were to purchase land, we discussed building a space of approximately 4500 sq ft. on the main floor for our use and putting a second floor above with the prospect of obtaining a long term tenant such as a medical or dental office. We are also looking into the possibility of finding a suitable partner to share the cost of building a facility.

Joe has shown us various land options for sale in our immediate area and also various existing buildings that meet our needs.

We are meeting again in early February to discuss the best feasible and financial process to move forward with once we have a firm offer for our facility.

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Ted Carter, Ernie Abbott, Phyllis Snider, Sarah Hughes, Nancy Nourse