Important Announcement for Northminster United Church 
JANUARY 30, 2022

From Ad Hoc Committee: Wendy Benoit, Leanne Demerais, Kim Haydu, Rev. Nancy Nourse

Over the last two years, the Task Force has been commissioned to find a plan for Northminster that will include a viable financial future. As we all know, our building is too large and expensive for what our congregation needs, and you have been receiving updates from the Task Force and guiding their decisions along the way.
It has been widely communicated that Northminster, despite the financial generosity of the congregation, continues to run a significant deficit, leading to the erosion of our savings. These savings will be depleted in two years time.
The Northminster United Church building is for sale, and as we walk this path, we need to plan for our next steps. As you know, we are coming much closer to a significant decision around the possible sale of our building. And as many of you are wondering…where would we go in the meantime, while we decide next steps after a sale? It’s important we start planning now.
We are pleased to share that an exciting short-term partnership opportunity has come our way.
St David’s United has just said goodbye to their long-term minister Rev. Peggy McDonagh and they are in need of an interim minister. We on the other hand, are in need of a place to call home for a while.
Our Ad Hoc Committee (commissioned by the Board) with representatives from St. David’s, and with the leadership of Chinook Winds Region, are proposing a partnership – that Northminster, when the time is right, move to St. David’s for joint worship and programs – in exchange for Rev. Nancy’s leadership. Nancy would serve as coordinating minister for both congregations, and all of us can benefit from the staff and volunteers of each congregation.
Here’s what we know:
-           We are only talking short-term for now (up to two years perhaps)
-           We don’t yet have a start date or end date in mind – it’s fluid
-           Staff and Board of each congregation have already been included in the conversation
-          This is not amalgamation. We are maintaining separate staffing, governance, and financial responsibilities.
While there are lots of details to work out, we want to inform both congregations because we need to include more people in the conversation – worship, property, congregational life, etc. We also want to bring the whole congregation into the excitement of this new opportunity!
This is an exciting opportunity to bring two congregations into partnership who have unique strengths. St. David’s has an accessible well-maintained space, ample parking, and good transit links in the Capitol Hill neighbourhood.  They have an excellent music ministry, active adult spiritual development programs, and a part-time minister for pastoral care. Northminster brings strengths in community engagement, children and youth programming, energy for outreach initiatives, and the ability to host large groups for fundraising and community spirit.
There are many questions to explore, and we don’t have all the answers yet. We want to hear your ideas and your input.  In the next couple of weeks, we will bring forth more information about how you can participate in the conversation. And of course, reach out anytime you have questions about this opportunity – to anyone of us.
Kindest regards,
Wendy, Leanne, Kim, Nancy