Dear Friends:

Minute by minute the news about COVID 19 seems to change. On the one hand, the guidelines can inspire panic. On the other hand people may be saying the concern is unnecessary. As a church we want to do everything we can to care for the wellbeing of people of the congregation and the community.

In worship we had already taken measures to limit touch and maintain social distancing.

Sunday, however, and just hours before it was recommended by Alberta’s Chief Medical Health Officer, the Board Executive made a decision to POSTPONE INDEFINITELY ALL WORSHIP, MEALS, ACTIVITIES, MEETING, GATHERINGS, AND EVENTS.

This is a time to find different ways to be community together. It’s a time to support our broader community in ways that are compassionate, helpful and informed. Plans are being put in place and we will update regularly.


Our pastoral care team and minister will continue to be in touch with our elderly by phone as much as possible.


Worship will be created in such a way that you’ll receive email links with weekly prayers and reflection, along with a link to videos that Rev. Nancy and Sarah have created, still incorporating our Lent theme “Entering the Passion”. Also, Rev. Nancy will offer a Facebook Live time each Sunday morning at 10:30 from her home. We can all “gather” on our couches or at the kitchen table with our coffee and share in a brief reflection and prayer – stay tuned for more info on this.


Our youth leader Mary Anne will be developing online ways for our youth to stay connected.

Rev. Nancy will be sending online ideas and activities for children to do at home in lieu of kidZone.


Our church is here for you – if you need anything, if you are lonely, if you find yourself isolated and need food or necessities delivered – please call or email the church and we can help.

Your church needs you! Please consider reaching out by phone to two or three different people from the church every week. These connections are so important in a time of isolation like this.


Our church staff are still working, we are still caring for the congregation and making plans for the future. We will still have to pay utilities and other necessary bills. Please make sure your donations get to church. Cheques can be deposited into the mail slot near the Centre Street doors, or you can use the donation button on the website. And if you haven’t started donating with Tithely or PAR, now would be the time. Call Barb at the office for guidance on what would work best for you.


Please call or email the office, or call or text Rev. Nancy on her cell (403) 797 0252.

But please DO NOT come to the office.

We need to maintain that our building is closed and this keeps our staff safe.


We will continue to email updates as things unfold.

And for those who do not have email, other methods will be used to keep them connected as well.


Adapted by Rev. Brian Cornelius from John O'Donohue in “To Bless the Space Between Us”

During this time of global pandemic, bless the space among and between us.

Bless us and be with us as we create safer spaces and deepen in us space for the heart to experience tranquility in the midst of troubling times.

Bless us and be with us as we create safer spaces, full of understanding and acceptance where we can be without need of any pretense, speaking honestly and with compassion.

Bless us and be with us as we create safer spaces, allowing the weight of the world to fall from our shoulders even as we find the lift of the Spirit to energize our care for one another.

Remember a blessing "fore-brightens" the way, awakens future wholeness, draws sacred energy around a person to protect, heal, and strengthen. A blessing is different from a greeting or a hug or an affirmation, instead a blessing opens a different door in human encounter, enters into the "fore-court" of the soul to strengthen sacred and human blessings.

Bless the space among and between us.

Take care of each other and please keep in touch!

Rev. Nancy