From Rev. Nancy

From the ovens of many, came the yummy smells of gingerbread and sugar cookies.
Glass jars of jams and other preserves glistened on shelves.
A steamy pot of turkey soup simmered on the stove.
Hands were busy knitting and stitching.
Sewing machines hummed to Christmas tunes on the radio.

With the arrival of another Northminster Craft Fair comes the energy of many Christmas elves that make this great event possible year after year.
So much creativity and imagination to celebrate – and from a faith perspective as well. Each person who participated in this event represents a vital piece of a much larger picture. On our own, God values us as the unique people we are each created to be. But when we come together, we become part of this incredibly beautiful piece of art we call the Church – or the Body of Christ. Each piece is one of a kind. But the whole is not the same if even one piece is missing.
Just like the Craft Fair is made up of so many unique and wonderful works of art, this is how we might picture the Spirit at work as God's love weaves and paints and designs fresh patterns of creativity among us.
Thank you to all you beautiful and creative and spirit-filled people that make the Craft Fair and who are part of the work we do as a church all year long.