From Rev. Nancy Nourse

Holy One, who gathers us together in prayer and song,
To be in a safe and care-filled place,
This day we shed tears for those who lost their lives
As they gathered as your people in their worship space.
We pray for the church family in Sutherland Springs Texas
Where violence inflicted terror in a sacred space,
Where pews are now missing 26 lives, young and old,
And where nightmares will echo the shock of the day.
Embrace with tenderness the feelings of desperation many are feeling.
Bring healing to the grief and the hurt and the pain.
Ease the trauma that many now carry.
Transform our own emptiness and helplessness we feel as we watch from a distance.
Offer a sense of peace amidst unanswered questions.
Journey with the families and communities who now
plan funerals, and light candles, and comfort each other.
Give all those impacted some comfort in remembering
The rainbow after the storm,
The spring that comes after winter,
The promise that death is not the end…
that God’s eternal love and life now surround those innocent lives lost.
Guide and support the ministry and lay leaders of the community. Instill courage in all people to not be afraid.
Inspire leadership for change that will prevent more innocent lives from being lost.
Seeking your healing and your peace,
We pray in the name of Jesus, our teacher and friend.